About us

We the Chaffee family from the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. 

We have been a member of the dock diving community for many years. Our little Emma made it to Fox and Friends in 2018. Our addiction to dock diving started with our now-retired dog Luka. The places we have been, and the people we have met, made us nicer people. 

We have watched the sport evolve over the years. At first, the sport was dominated by Labrador Retrievers, then Belgian Malinois, now it is dominated by the high-flying Whippets.

 Black Dog Photography Vermont became my dream with a gift from my husband a DSLR camera. My Canon 450d was my first camera. I have since upgraded to a Canon 90D.  I got the name when I looked down and saw my old black dog, Luka, sleeping on the floor. 

 In 2018, I sustained a severe brain injury. I was in a triathlon. I almost lost my life.  Without the love and support of my husband and my family, I could not do the things I set out to do.  Sometimes I might not get back to you as quickly as I should as a result. But we strive to give our customers the best service.

 My service message is to wear your helmets. Put helmets on your kids, wear them on ATVs, and protect their heads at all times. I know bike helmets are not cool, but they could save their life.  Life can change in an instant. If I didn't have my helmet, I would have died. 

My education includes an associate degree in human services, and business and a bachelor's degree in professional studies. I am currently working on editing classes in Photoshop and Lightroom

Currently, we are doing dog sports. We will be at the local county fairs for cattle and horse shows.  We will add more services later. 

We are adding custom products to our line this year. Check out the Tumblers etc. page for more info. 

If you need a photographer for your event, drop us a note. cindy@blackdogphotographyvermont.com

 Thank you for reading this.

 From all of us at Black Dog Photography Vermont